Queen Convention

This is not a "locations" post but I thought it would be nice to share some pics and information about the Queen Convention that took place in Mablethorpe 4-7th October 2019. The event is organized by the Official International Queen Fan Club and by Arena Travel and it is very well planned. There are plenty of activities during the day and good concerts and music at night that make the convention never boring :) 

The Haven Golden Sands Holiday Park where everything happens is located in the English coast, around 100 miles from Leeds and 80 miles from Nottingham. It is not easy to get there by public transport, but we hired a car from Manchester Airport. Check the Norwegian's Freddie plane spotted again at the Barcelona Airport!! (this is the 3rd time I spot it!):

This is how the park looks:

And this is the outside and inside of the caravans that accommodate conventioneers, they are fully equipped and super comfortable:

Friday 4th October

On the first night, there was a karaoke session, a message from Brian and a concert by Tim Staffell and Paul Stewart Band. The fact that all the activities take place at the Emerald Bar (upstairs of the main building) makes it very easy and convenient:

Saturday 5th October

On Saturday morning there was a great marketplace where you could buy many things, an interview with Mike Moran, who talked about the release of the "Time waits for no one" video among other interesting things, and another interview with Tim Staffell and Paul Stewart:

We participated in the Queen Quizz elimination and my friend Edu got to the final!

Richard Young gave an interview and showed some of his amazing pictures:

Before the party started, a charity auction took place. Here's a list of the items and a cheque signed by the band that was sold for ‎£5800!  

...and we could see some really good outfits at the fancy dress competition. The group dressed as Kiss band won but unfortunately we don't have pics of them:

This super slot machine was at the entrance of the Emerald Bar:

Sunday 6th October

On Sunday morning, after watching Bohemian Rhapsody together and the "Queen + AL - The show must go on" documentary, we could see Freddie's stamp album. It was wonderful to imagine a very young Freddie collecting all the stamps he could get back in Zanzibar...

There was a funny (and quite difficult!) Quiz:

Greg Brooks and Simon Lupton talked about the new book "Freddie Mercury, a life in his own words" and we could also enjoy unreleased audio material. The piece we enjoyed the most was a version of "Brighton Rock" without the complete lyrics. The winner of the Q-Factor contest, Julie, sang a couple of beautiful songs, and after the raffle and prize presentation, the last party started again!

I was very happy to say hello to Jacky Smith. In fact she gave me the idea to create this post and she also gave me good tips for my next "locations trip". Nice to meet you Jacky!

See you next year, and don't forget to dress properly :D

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