About this blog

My name is Judit and I am from Barcelona (Catalonia). This blog summarizes a trip to London in February 2019, in which I visited some of the most relevant sites related with Queen. However, I decided to update it with locations of other cities such as Barcelona, Vienna, Munich, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, and Montreux. I will be posting after visiting each place!

Most of the original London locations were retrieved from these two websites (please visit, as they have more information about each place):

Queen Concerts (webmaster: Martin Skála)
Mercury Paradise (the info contained in this website was taken from the Official Queen Fanclub Site)

Some places listed on these websites do not exist anymore or are under refurbishment, so this is an attempt to provide an update. Shane McDonald, webmaster of Shane's Queen Site has recently published an interactive map where you can see some of the London locations in a Google Maps, please take a look!: London locations - Interactive map

Finally, you can read a Fan Feature about how I developed this blog here: Queen Online Official Site - Fan Feature 
(I would like to thank Nick for giving me the opportunity to publish in Queen Online!)

About this blog